Web hostingWebsite creation services usually give you access to a professional web designer who will build a custom site for your business. However, Hosting24 focuses on giving online retailers cheap website hosting, rather than helping them design their site or improve their search engine visibility. As a website hosting and creation service, there are aspects that make Hosting24 an excellent option for small businesses and online retailers, but with the amount of work you have to do to give the professional designer the information he or she needs, you might as well build a website yourself.

Hosting24 specializes in giving small retailers the bandwidth and uptime they need to maximize their business. It does not provide any other help to its retailers. Many website creation services include search engine optimization with the design process, and some of these professional designers offer website hosting. However, Hosting24 offers limited involvement for its clients.

When you buy website hosting through Hosting24, you get the opportunity to pick a template for your new website. Then, you must write up all of the information that will appear on that template and send it to Hosting24’s professional web designer. The designer will give your website two hours of service and then push your website live. If you are new to website creation and online retail, this is a recipe for disaster.

Since Hosting24 offers such a low price for such great retail opportunities, it will appeal to inexperienced entrepreneurs. However, if you are considering this service, make sure you understand your company’s search engine potential. If no one is coming to your site, you’re wasting about $25 every month. Sure, this is cheaper overhead than a brick-and-mortar store, but it is still wasting money.

Hosting24 has a few ways to contact customer support, including telephone, email and live chat. We never received a response to our emails, but we did get helpful information through live chat quickly. The web designer will not give you maintenance or optimization training, and Hosting24 does not provide professional maintenance. Finally, your site will not receive mobile optimization.