Before I go into a lot of details, I’d like to let you know upfront that this review may not help you make the final decision. I can’t give an exact verdict on whether PowToon or Sparkol is the better presentation/animation software.

I simply can’t do that, since we’re comparing 2 different pieces of video animation software (apples and oranges, you know).

Both Sparkol is unique and PowToon is unique in its own way. PowToon can’t do what Sparkol can and Sparkol can’t do what PowToon can (at least comparing most of the features).

But that’s natural: Sparkol is video scribing software while PowToon is videoanimation software. We’re comparing two different “beasts”.

Actually, I think there’s an easy way to decide whether you want to use Sparkol or PowToon: there’s a very clear difference in price.

Sparkol costs merely $25/month while PowToon’s price is a whooping $60/month.

And since the two software can help you achieve basically the same results(audience engagement, higher conversions etc…) I suggest Sparkol as the ultimate winner of this comparison review.