Lunarpages Internet SolutionsLunarpages Introduction

Unlike many of the web hosting providers we’ve reviewed, Lunarpages doesn’t place any emphasis at all on shared hosting (although it does offer it). Instead, Lunarpages concentrates on high-spec business web hosting with a strong commitment to uptime and reliability.

With a user base of 150,000, Lunarpages isn’t a large host, but its customer base includes some of the biggest brands in tech, including Dell, HP, Citrix and Microsoft. The company is based in Anaheim, CA in the US, although they prove freephone UK telephone numbers as well as the US numbers on the site.

Founded in 1998 by Maximillian Andersen and Ron Riddle, the company was borne from the ashes of Add2Net and is still managed by Ron Riddle to this day.

Lunarpages Hosting Plans

Lunarpages has a range of hosting plans, and it lays them all out in a very handy comparison table so it’s easy to measure the pros and cons. The shared hosting and/or lower cost plans don’t appear to be particularly competitive price-wise, with the better value provided by more specialised deals.

● Starter and Basic hosting both appear to be shared Linux plans, although the Starter plan imposes very strict limits on both bandwidth and storage: 5 GB and 50 GB respectively. There’s also a comparable Windows Hosting package for a slightly higher cost; this imposes a limit of 400GB bandwidth and 5000 MB storage. Both plans impose other limits too.
● Moving up the price scale, there’s a Business Hosting package. This is significantly more expensive, but bandwidth, storage, emails and FTP accounts are all unlimited. Reseller hosting comes in at the same price but the limits on bandwidth and space re-appear.
● Linux and Windows VPS plans are available, offering 1000 GB bandwidth and 30 GB to 50 GB of storage. Both appear to be supported plans, and the cost is included, although shell access is extra.
● Finally, Lunarpages offer hosted Exchange, Open-Xchange, scalable cloud and private cloud plans. Dedicated hosting and managed hosting are both mentioned on the site, but there’s no pricing information.

Lunarpages Uptime/Downtime

Lunarpages has several data centres. It owns and run its own facilities.

The company wiki claims Lunarpages has three data centres: two in California (LA and Riverside) and one in Las Vegas. Another page on the main site claims that one is in Irvine, California, one is in Hawthorne, California, one is in Las Vegas and there is an additional facility in San Diego. It seems the company may have upgraded their facilities since the wiki was last updated.

Lunarpages offers co-location, so the website provides highly technical detail about each data centre. All except the Hawthorne building are SAS Type II audited to a high standard for maximum security, disaster protection and uptime.

The company offers a 100% uptime guarantee, 100% infrastructure guarantee and a maximum 1-hour window for hardware replacement. It’s not clear what would happen if the company were not to meet their uptime target. In a 2006 interview with Sales and Marketing representative Amy Armitage, she cites a strong commitment to service quality over rapid growth, which may explain how the company uphold their reliability promise.

On shared hosting plans, backups are taken but only stored for three days.

Lunarpages Support

Lunarpages has more than 100 staff. The location of its call centres is claimed to be La Habra, California on one page, and another claims they are located in Anaheim and Corona. Either way, it appears their staff are all US-based, and the company has technical staff working in other parts of the US.

The company has its own wiki, but as we’ve already noticed, some sections seem to be slightly out of date. However, the wiki does provide a one-stop-shop for help and support, including links to the server status page, FAQs, tutorials and links to the help desk.

Lunarpages in the News

There’s little to suggest that Lunarpages is an unreliable web hosting company. However, in 2009, the Inquisitr reported a massive outage that affected both customers and its own website. It’s not clear how long it took the company to resolve the problem, although the outage seems to have lasted several hours.

For balance, I should point out that Lunarpages seems to have previously survived major power interruptions, judging by a blog post from 2005.

Lunarpages Control Panel

Although not specified clearly on much of the website, all of the Linux web hosting plans come with Cpanel as standard. Reseller customers also receive a WHM licence.

Lunarpages Extras

Lunarpages doesn’t really place much emphasis on freebies, but they are there if you really dig deep.

● $25 of Facebook ad credits are included on the Basic and Business plans only. On both Linux and Windows VPS plans, this is upped to $50.
● Google Adwords credit is provided on the Basic, Windows, Business and VPS plans, up to a value of $50.
● There’s no obvious mention of site builders, although one-click installs are available for the usual suspects on shared plans: Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Mambo, Moodle, phpBB, phpWiki, WordPress and so on. Various eCommerce solutions are also available.

Lunarpages Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

In the Terms of Service, Lunarpages offers a limited 30-day money back guarantee which applies within 30 days of a new plan. There’s no further information about this on the site.

Lunarpages Summary

Lunarpages is obviously a web hosting provider that’s geared more towards premium plans. The shared hosting they offer isn’t particularly capable and represents poor value for money, although some businesses may find it easy to join a shared plan first and upgrade later as required. The real emphasis here is on quality over quantity: premium plans, advanced cloud hosting, top-notch uptime, host-owned data centres and US-based support teams.