Dreamstime.com Review


Dreamstime is a stock photography service that has one thing that separates themselves from the rest of their competition: they have thousands of free images available for download.  There are some limitations for these images, but people who are looking for them aren’t going to come anywhere near approaching these limits.  One you do pass them however, you have to purchase a license for that particular picture.  Their service uses a system of credits for users to buy their photos, which is affordable compared to some of the other websites that charge a dollar amount for each photo.

Standout Features

  • Image Selection
  • Free Image Section
  • Affordable Credit Purchasing System

Visitors to Dreamstime can either choose a worthy image from the free image section or buy credits to purchase licenses.  Once you pass certain limits on the free images, you have to buy credits to go any further in the usage of that image.  The credit system is definitely affordable.  You will end up paying anywhere from $9.99 to $3,739.99, depending on how many credits you want to buy, the duration of the deal you want and how many images you want to download per day.

Search/Sort Options


Users can only search for images using the keyword or file ID or by image type.  Images are also split into categories.



When we saw that Dreamstime offered free images, we expected to find hundreds of pages of images that should’ve never seen the light of day, but that’s certainly not the case here.  Whether it’s their free images or the images you can’t get unless you purchase



At over 8 million images offered and more than 400,000 images coming in each month, Dreamstime has an excellent image library that continues to grow at an astonishing rate.  To top it all off, they’re the only stock photography service that offers free image.  There are some limitations to these images, of course, but they aren’t that big of a deal.  If you use them minimally, you will never run into these roadblocks.

Dreamstime Summary:


Dreamstime is an underrated stock photography service that deserves more exposure than its getting.  The free image feature is something no one else in this category offers, which is reason enough for you to check them out.  They might not have the reputation and hype of their more prestigious competitors, but they’re getting there.