Jim Rohn Starter Sampler Pack - Only $19.95!

Five inspirational topics guide the participant through self-evaluation and commitment, including: the five major pieces to the life puzzle, the power of personal development, the fundamentals for prosperity and success, how to win the battle of the mind, attitude change and the day that turns your life around.

As one of America’s foremost business philosophers, Jim Rohn has been hailed by many as a modern-day Will Rogers. Jim is a gifted storyteller with dynamic delivery and thought-provoking substance. His wit and wisdom have made him a key influence on an entire generation and even personal development trainers such as Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Vic Conant, Les Brown and Tom Hopkins.

SUBJECTS included on 4-disc CD set:

The Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle

    • How to Fine Tune Thinking Habits
    • How to Develop an Educated Attitude
    • Why Success is “Doing”
    • Discovering the “Bottom Line”

The Art of Living Well

    • The Power of Personal Development
    • How to Become More Than You Are
    • More of What You Want
    • How to Make the Changes to Become More Than Average
    • How to Be Wealthy and Happy for the Rest of Your Life
    • Personal Skills to Reach Your Potential

The Day That Turns Your Life Around

  • Examine the Incredible Effect of Emotions on Your Life
  • Turning Your Emotions into Profit and ActivityAn Extraordinary
  • Challenge to Be Successful in All the Dimensions of Your Life

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