Spyhunter Review

14156-4166SpyHunter is antispyware software published by Enigma Software. It does more than function as one of the best spyware removers, however. It is antimalware software, which includes antispyware functionality. Although SpyHunter is well-behaved antispyware now, there was a time when Enigma Software was accused of conducting aggressive and even deceptive advertising. It has since matured so that it is no longer considered rogue or suspect.

SpyHunter is Checkmark Certified by West Coast Labs and holds the Platinum Product Award. To receive this level of West Coast Labs validation means that SpyHunter has performed well in various tests that show what it can do, in benchmarking tests as well as real-world testing over time. However, we base our product ranking on test results from AV-Test, and Enigma Software has not submitted SpyHunter to AV-Test labs.

Rootkits are one of the most obstinate forms of malware because of the way they avoid detection while they attempt to manipulate the operating system at a base level. Rootkits use encrypted and hidden files to escape the notice of most security software. Rootkit installation procedures assume that Windows will boot normally so that the rootkit can use some of the files that load and run with Windows. SpyHunter frustrates rootkits at this very stage by suspending Windows momentarily while running a different operating system from Enigma Software to prevent rootkits from taking hold. SpyHunter can then attempt to eliminate the rootkits exposed during the process. If SpyHunter cannot remove the rootkit at that stage, the SpyHunter help and support technicians can take remote control of your PC and eliminate the pest.

When you need help from Enigma Software for any problem with SpyHunter, you are free to submit a support ticket by logging in to your online account, as long as you have purchased the product. Before you open a ticket, it is probably more efficient to search the frequently asked questions, which anticipate the majority of situations that cause people to seek help. Realize that if you open a support ticket, Enigma’s commitment is that a technician will respond within 48 hours. Because SpyHunter includes a built-in tool called Spyware HelpDesk that takes a snapshot of your system configuration, you include this diagnostic report when you submit your support ticket. When technical support responds to your help request, the technician will have a custom repair ready for your computer’s particular set of problems.