Viabuy IT Review

The VIABUY prepaid credit card is a full-fledged Master Card with embossing that can be used on more than 31 million acceptance locations worldwide . The credit card can not be distinguished in black or golden version available and visually from a regular credit card with credit limit . A small annual fee and moderate costs for use making the VIABUY prepaid credit card to one of the most interesting offers on the market .

The most important facts about VIABUY prepaid credit card at a glance:

  • Can be used worldwide to more than 31 million acceptance locations
  • Cash withdrawals without a daily limit
  •     No credit check and minimum
  •     Cheap annual fee of 29,90 €
  •     Up to three partner cards for only 14,90 EUR with no age restriction
  •     Transfers between cards in real time possible
  •     Custom card account with online banking
  •     VIABUY website

Services of VIABUY Prepaid Credit Card

The MasterCard from VIABUY has all the features of a traditional credit card. The use of the card is limited to the available credit on the card account . When applying for any of your data be queried at Schufa still is a credit check required. For example, have students, the unemployed or people with a low income the opportunity to benefit from a real credit card. A special advantage of the up to three partner cards that are issued without age restriction. This can therefore be used as a pocket money account. About online access allow them to transfer money in real time between two boards . On request, cardholders can also be informed by e -mail or SMS about past transactions, which provides additional security. In contrast to most other prepaid credit card account can also be used as a discrete foreign bank account. From the card account of transfers can be made to other accounts worldwide .

The cost of VIABUY Prepaid Credit Card

The annual fee for the primary card amounts to 29.90 euros . An advance payment of the card fee is not required.After receiving the card is easily recharged with a minimum of 90 € , with the then the fee for the first three years will be charged. For each main card , up to three partner cards for only 14,90 Euro be ordered annually. The above fees include the creation of the card and the shipping . This occurs within 24 hours after receipt of order. In order before 11:00 clock the next business day is done .

For ATM cash withdrawals a fee of 5 € per will be charged regardless of the amount . Shopping in stores or on the Internet is the world free of charge . Only in transactions in a foreign currency , a foreign currency fee of 2.75 percent will be charged. Deposits to the card account are by domestic or SEPA transfer free of charge . For this, the card can be loaded free of charge by cash deposits at the bank or at the ATM. They may be made for a fee by instant bank transfer , PayPal or Ukash.

Conclusion to VIABUY Prepaid Credit Card

The credit of VIABUY see not only look good, they can also be convincing with their services. The favorable partner cards make the prepaid credit card especially for families and small businesses interesting. The money can be transferred online in real time between two boards . For this purpose, a clear and fair fee structure comes with no hidden costs.