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HostForWeb Cloud -When limits are unlimited

HostForWeb, out of Equinix, Chicago, offers web hosting for all sizes of businesses. They will host, design and register your domain name, and provide reseller services, as well. HostForWeb does appeal to a lot of people because they are pretty cheap.

When I evaluate a web hosting service, you’ll find out how the cost of the services stack up against competitors. You’ll also find out the different levels of packages available, and whether or not they’re user-friendly. Some of the features of the service will be spotlighted, and you’ll find out whether or not you can expect good customer service. Finally, I let you know if you can expect your site to be up all the time.

My HostForWeb review will clearly show why I do not recommend you host your website with them. Get ready to learn what past customers are saying about them.

HostForWeb Features

As far as affordability is concerned, HostForWeb is one of the cheapest services. This hosting site is intended for medium to big businesses. They do offer a package as low as $4 a month (basically a shared plan), but you’re pretty much on your own with this package. Their least expensive package is $25 a month, and is intended for Reseller Hosting. The VPS package is $40 a month, and the dedicated server is $100 a month. This is certainly cheaper than InMotionand Hostgator, but is it worth it? NO!

HostForWeb has issues with upgrading. However, be careful that you don’t upgrade beyond your need. This seems to be the recommendation from HostForWeb, and customers often find themselves upgrading, then find out they don’t use all of the services anyway. This drives up the cost of your service, and when you cancel the higher packages or the service all together, they’ve been reported to continue to bill you.

With the Reseller Hosting, you get 100 GB of disk space and 100 GB of bandwidth. There is a control panel, and you get PHP5 MYSQL5. They use cPanel and do have a cool little demo right on there homepage where you can actually login and get a demo of the cPanel. Very cool feature you basically, get to poke around on the backend before signing up with HostForWeb. Your package comes with templates and a sitebuilder, and you get unlimited domains.

The VPS package adds 1500 GB of bandwidth and 1024 MB of RAM. It also adds 3 IP addresses, while the Dedicated Server package had 5 IP addresses and 10000GB of bandwidth. Should be plenty for any site.

Part of the ease of use for any web host is customer support. The company provides templates for your site building, which is nice, and anyone competent with such things can build the site. However, you’ll probably have to use the Reseller Package to get anything you can actually use. There seems to be lots of limitations with the shared package and if you expecting lots of traffic your shared plan will simply fall flat. Bare in mind, I am not suggesting that you expect everything and more with a shared plan, but handling 100 visitors a day shouldn’t have any issues.

With HostForWeb, you get email forwarding and URL redirection. You also get API and DNS. They have great hosting tools, and the Resellers Package is serviced by Quad Core Xeon Processors. They’re combined with Raid redundancy. You also get unlimited domain names with the Reseller Package. You’ll also get 50GB of disk space and 500 bandwidth. This is a good set of features for resellers. Everything just doesn’t add up with HostForWeb though. It all looks so good, but if it worked flawlessly it would be great. Sadly, it does not.

HostForWeb Customer Service

HostForWeb Customer Service

HostForWeb customer service used to be good, but it all went down hill. At one time, HostForWeb had an unequalled customer service department. Your queries would be answered in about 2 hours (very impressive). You get dedicated servers, and a full selection of services. Unfortunately, the service has declined over the last few years. Some say that it’s because of the growth of the company – that it’s gotten too big to take care of their customers.

In fact, their customer service department has gone so far downhill that they have a reputation for being the worst on the internet, to the point of being entirely incompetent. Some customers report that it takes 6 weeks to get a response on their tickets. In addition, the customer support doesn’t even know how to read the message boards. They don’t even know how to find your IP address. It’s hard to even find someone who can find the pointers for ns1 and ns2 DNS.

HostForWeb Uptime

HostForWeb uptime isn’t that great. The uptime with HostForWeb used to be excellent. However, their cPanel is outdated, and they, apparently, don’t even run a patched version. Several customers complain that they have been hacked numerous times, and usually because of the unpatched programs used by the web host. In addition, the company won’t acknowledge that their servers have been hacked, leaving their customers sites down for weeks at a time.

There are problems with the uptime, and with hackers who have discovered the unprotected software. But there is also trouble with email. The lag time in delivery is a real problem for many professionals, and a 6 week response time is simply unsupportable for any business. It wouldn’t be such a huge issue if you could rely on customer service to sort out your issues, but you can’t rely on that.

HostForWeb Summary

While HostForWeb was once an excellent web hosting service; they certainly have a lot of issues. I would highly recommend InMotion over This web hosting service can’t keep you in line with companies that have grown over the years. Their technology has not kept up with available patches, and hackers are having a field day with it. In addition, their customer service has not been properly trained – they are not tech support personnel. If you get any attention at all from them, they will not be able to solve your problems. I would like to hear from HostForWeb’s staff on these issues and why there service has declined so much over the years. If anyone has something to add to this HostForWeb review please feel free to do so below. Good or bad I would like to hear your experience. Please feel free to share this review on Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, ect by pushing the buttons down below. Thanks for reading.