Spyagent Review

300x250_monitoring_softwareSpyAgent is the effective option that could log everything that occurs on your computer system. All keystrokes typed, e-mails, windows, sites checked out, applications utilized, internet links, chat conversations, passwords, print tasks, documents checked out, microphone audio, webcam images, mouse clicks, as well as screenshots are logged and also taped. SpyAgent runs in full STEALTH with optional EMAIL or FTP Delivery for remote tracking, and also logging as well as lockdown scheduling. SpyAgent is used by house users as well as activities alike – as it provides the most detailed a comprehensive logging that can be found anywhere. No tasks done on the COMPUTER escape SpyAgent’s logging.

Not just an unnoticeable activity recorder, SpyAgent likewise includes effective filtering system and also gain access to command capabilities. SpyAgent offers Chat Blocking (to restrict accessibility to conversation software), Application Blocking (to stop certain applications from being performed), Website Blocking, as well as much more. With SpyAgent you can obstruct particular web sites and also keywords, and block internet sites by group (i.e.: grown-up content, games, file sharing, and also much more). SpyAgent could alert you via email when unwanted behaviors occur, enabling you to consistently be on top of what occurs on your computer. SpyAgent is not simply an award-winning computer system spy, yet additionally an effective activity as well as habits filtering system bundle.