Month: February 2015

Dirjournal Review

Recognizing the value of local search, Directory Journal has recently launched DirJournal Local. Plus, our readers are eligible for a 20% discount on all of Directory Journal’s listing types. Having earned a stellar reputation as a general web directory, Directory Journal has expanded on its […]

Shipwire Review

Shipwire, a fulfillment company notable for the breadth and integration of its services with existing e-commerce platforms. It was said to be less expensive than Amazon, which charges a 15% fee plus various handling fees. At the time, I found the Shipwire website detailed but […]

Infibeam Review

Infibeam is also one of the reliable online shops which provides following different products categories:

  1. Books-Magazines
  2. Mobile and accessories
  3. Gifts and articles
  4. Home and lifestyle
  5. Electronics
  6. Camera and accessories
  7. Computer and IT products
  8. Movies, Musics and posters

How to shop online at Infibeam

Before you start at any online shop for shopping, you first need to register(free) at that site. In this site(Infibeam) once you get registered, enter the site and search for your products in ‘Search’ box. You have also option to select price range, category of company from which you want to buy a particular product.
For example, I purchased ‘Strontium 8GB MicroSD (Black, 8 GB)’ memory card whose price was Rs. 275. To shop same product, you need to follow following steps:
1. Click on Mobile and accessories and select memory card
2. Now you can search your product/memory card by ‘Search by price’, ‘Search by make’, ‘Search by size’ and ‘Search by color’. You can even find your product very easily by best match in terms of price from Low to High price and from High price to Low price, thus you can save your time and there is no need to browse other product that is irrelevant to you.

One you decide the size, shape, color and make, you are ready to add it in online shop cart. And follow the remaining steps where you need to enter address for shipping and your mobile number. You can also change the address for shipping. You can also gift any product to your relatives by selecting as ‘Gift’.

One of the best advantage of Infibeam online shopping is, free home delivery in India. While other shops like Flipkart, Tradus, Ebay or other shops ask for shipping charge if bill is under certain range of price. But here at Infibeam, there is no shipping fees/free shipping.

Features of Infibeam online shopping

Infibeam provides you following features that makes your shopping experience easy.
Payment Options:Infibeam provides more than enough payment options like

  1. Cash on delivery
  2. Mobile Payment
  3. Net banking
  4. Credit/Debit card
  5. Paypal
  6. City Bank offers
  7. Cash/Cheque/DD
  8. Cash Card
  9. E-Wallet

Thus you need not to worry about payment options at Infibeam. It provides free shipping to all India.
My Wish List: You can put your list of product in Infibeam if it is not available at time of your shopping. Infibeam will notify you by email about arrival of product of your choice or in wish list.
Wallet: This unique feature is a one type of account in Infibeam that serves as payment options during shopping at Infibeam. By this facility you will perform check out process very quickly and without any worry of ‘failed transactions’. Only thing you need to recharge it once it get empty.
Track Order: You can track your order about its shipping and delivery status by entering your email and product id.
Magic Box: Magic Box is a section which gives you best deal with discounted rate. You need to browse often this section to get your product at low rate.

Shipping Options at Infibeam

You can find various shipping options at Infibeam shop. Here are the list of various shipping options:

  1. Free shipping to anywhere in India: One can get the delivery of product free of cost if the product is to be delivered within India. For international shipping, they charge the shipping cost based on the country location with respect to location of India.
  2. One day delivery: This option is best if you want your product urgently, provided that your Pin Code should be in list of this facility. During check out, you need to enter pin code and city and if you are in the list, you will get your product within one day. This facility is given only when you find the message ‘Need 1-Day Delivery’. If you do not find this message option while check out, you cannot avail this facility.
  3. Same day delivery: One can get this facility if you are in selected location of India and also for selected products only.
  4. Cash on delivery: By this option, you can avail/order the product without giving any charges during your check out but you need to give the price/money once it is delivered to you. Normally fresh customer use this option. This option is one of the best option you are about to buy product with price in terms of thousands. So, people try to be in safe side and choose cash on delivery option.
  5. Mid night delivery: This option is available for product which normally get deterioration within few hours like chocolates, cakes and flowers.

Business opportunities with Infibeam

You will get a chance to do business with Infibeam by following unique options:

  • Bulk orders: If you wish to buy products in bulk or in large quantity, you can get your products in cheaper rate as well as with special care.
  • Corporate programs: Infibeam provides corporate programs by which one can do business with Infibeam. By corporate programs various educational institutes, libraries or companies can buy bulk products with direct contact.
  • You can be a Merchant: You can be a merchant on Infibeam, if you want to sell your products with help of Infibeam. Thus, you will get some business opportunities with Infibeam.
  • One can also get ‘Reward and Royalty benefits’ and also get your product advertised by Infibeam. You want to do any type of business with respect to marketing with/by Infibeam, you can contact them by email id:


Return Policies at Infibeam

Infibeam provides clean return policy. They replace the damaged products or the products that you wish to return, products are required to be returned within 7 days from the day of receipt/delivery of product. Item should be unused and must be in full packing condition. If Infibeam finds the product in good conditions, they will give you cash back to your bank account. Returned product should not be tempered, all the tags and packing certificate should be in good order. Infibeam also gives 30 days replacement warranty provided the products are damaged or any manufacturing defects. The 30 days return policy is not valid for Cakes, Flowers and gifts that are sensitive in handling. The company/Infibeam has right to reject the request for replacement if customer fails to follow terms and conditions.

Customer support at Infibeam

Infibeam is Ahmedabad based online shop.
Address of Infibeam:
IXth Floor,A-Wing,
Gopal Palace,

Customer care (within India): 079-40260260
Customer care (US): 1-4252793741

If you are new to Infibeam and placing your first order, you can call customer service cenre and they will assist you.

Be a seller on Infibeam

You can become seller and can sell your products by platform of Infibeam. One need to follow ‘Participation Agreement’ to become loyal seller of Infibeam. Once your product is ready to buy by any customer, Infibeam will contact you(seller) by Email and SMS. You need to shop the item within prescribe time. Review

Easily offer appointment booking directly through your website with Acuity online appointment scheduling software. Clients worldwide or local can schedule their appointment online, complete custom forms, and pay with a credit card, online 24/7. Whether it’s a regular schedule, or irregular you can manage any […]

Ixwebhosting Review

IX Web Hosting is primarily a shared hosting provider, but with one important difference: its services are geared towards SEO. By providing customers with their own dedicated IP addresses, all websites are ready to accept ecommerce transactions. In addition, sites with dedicated IPs could well […] Review

mapsmarkerThe Maps Marker Pro WordPress Plugin allows you to

  • pin your favorites places with markers,
  • use integrated address search (Google Places API) for quickly finding your places,
  • choose from up to 800 custom free map icons from Maps Icons Collection,
  • add popup description text or images for each marker,
  • choose individual basemap, size and zoom level for each marker/layer map,
  • organize your markers in layers and
  • show them thanks to the leaflet.js library
  • by adding a shortcode (e.g. mapsmarker marker=”1″)]  to posts, pages, widgets or template

on basemaps from

  • OpenStreetMap,
  • Google Maps (Road, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain),
  • Bing Maps (Aerial, Aerials+Labels, Road),
  • MapQuest (Road, Satellite),
  • OGD Vienna Maps (Road, Aerial, Addresses)
  • or any custom WMTS-map

to the visitors of your website.

Additional features

  • integration of the latest leaflet.js version
  • mobile optimized maps through use of native javascript instead of jQuery
  • option to remove backlinks
  • geolocation support: show and follow your location when viewing maps
  • support for CSV/XLS/XLSX/ODS import and export for bulk additions and bulk updates of markers
  • support for displaying GPX tracks
  • HTML5 fullscreen maps
  • Minimaps
  • mobile web app support for fullscreen maps and optimized mobile viewport
  • custom Google Maps styling
  • QR codes with custom backgrounds
  • Google Adsense for maps integration
  • upload icon button & custom icon directory
  • backup and restore of settings
  • Full MapsMarker API access (view/add/edit/delete)
  • Advanced recent marker widget
  • Marker clustering
  • duplicate markers
  • show directions for your locations using Google Maps,, or
  • support for Google Maps API key which is required for commercial users
  • configure up to 10 WMS servers to display additional information from external geodata providers (like the European Environment Agency) on your maps
  • organize markers from different layers in multi-layer-maps
  • export your markers as KML file for displaying in Google Earth (view screenshot) or Google Maps (view screenshot)
  • export your markers as GeoJSON for embedding in external websites or apps
  • export your markers as GeoRSS for embedding in external websites or apps
  • export your markers as ARML for displaying in the augmented-reality browser from Wikitude (view screenshots)
  • export your markers as csv-file
  • option to switch between simplified and advanced editor
  • option to add widgets showing recent marker entries (see sidebar on the right)
  • configure up to 3 basemaps from Cloudmade with custom styles
  • option to add an unobtrusive scale control to maps
  • keyboard navigation support for maps
  • TinyMCE button for easily searching and adding maps on post/pages edit screen
  • display a list of markers below layer maps
  • show standalone maps in fullscreen mode
  • automatically generated geo sitemap for all maps (for submitting to Google)
  • create QR code images for standalone maps in fullscreen mode
  • automatically add meta-tags with location information to maps
  • automatically add microformat geo-markup to maps
  • support for maps that do not reflect the real world (e.g. game, indoor or photo maps)
  • support for custom marker timestamps for more precise KML animations (view example youtube video)
  • option to set WordPress roles (administrator, editor, author, contributor) which are allowed to add/edit/delete markers and layers
  • option to add marker directly to posts or pages without saving them to your database
  • audit log for changes on markers & layers (saving first created by/on and last updated by/on info)
  • search within your marker list
  • mass actions for markers (assignment to layers, deletions)
  • option to reset plugin settings to defaults
  • option to change the default shortcode ‘[ mapsmarker…]’
  • dynamic preview of maps in backend (no need to reload)
  • option to select plugin default language in settings for backend and frontend
  • WordPress Admin Bar integration to quickly access plugins features (can be disabled)
  • admin dashboard widget showing latest markers and blog posts from
  • support for google maps and bing map localization (cultures)

Technical details

  • full support for responsive designs (= automatic resizing of maps if viewport is wider than map width)
  • WordPress Multisite compatibility
  • Full RTL (Right-to-Left) Language Support
  • plugin was successfully tested to ÖNORM 7700 and OWASP TOP 10 for security issues (Secunia Advisory)
  • full UTF8-support for cyrillic, chinese or other alphabets on marker/layername and marker popup text
  • integrated check for known incompatible plugins (and instructions on how to fix)
  • support for more than 32 languages through .po/.mo-files (please see for details if you want to contribute to translations)
  • option to select plugin default language in settings for backend and frontend (separately from language config in wp-config.php)
  • support for Retina displays to display maps in a higher resolution
  • GeoJSON feeds for every marker and layer with JSONP support
  • use of WordPress settings API for storing options
  • TinyMCE editor on backend for editing popuptext
  • integrated plugin compatibility check to warn about incompatible plugins
  • dynamic changelog to show all changes since your last plugin update
  • use of prepared SQL statements to prevent SQL injections
  • use of WordPress nounces on forms to prevent attacks and input mistakes
  • use of custom function names and enque plugin scripts/css only on plugin pages to prevent conflicts with other plugins
  • update functions implemented for smooth updates of the plugin
  • uninstall function to completely remove the plugin and its data (also on WordPress Multisite installations) Review

There are 10 millions of royalty free stock images and photos at Depositphotos. Images can be purchased either on an individual or on a subscription basis. Single image purchases are done using credits (see”What are the credits and what are they for?”). The price of […] Review

Webhosting UK was established in the year 2001 with a pivotal aspiration to offer the best quality unmatched services and customer satisfaction that was in everyone’s price range. Since it’s inception, Webhosting UK has been committed to entrust customers with effective & easy to use […]

Lavasoft Review

Lavasoft has a good lineup of computer security and PC optimization products, including their popular free antivirus program, Ad-Aware. Ad-Aware Pro Security is the full-featured version of the antivirus software that adds rootkit removal and real-time protection. Ad-Aware Pro Security combines antivirus and anti-spyware for a complete anti-malware suite. The antivirus software is designed to detect and defend against viruses, spyware, rootkits, Trojans, bot networks, hackers, keyloggers and all sorts of other online security threats.

Ad-Aware Pro Security is more than adequately equipped to fight off threats from multiple angles. Today’s online security threats go by many names and range in severity from simply annoying to highly dangerous. Malware can come from just about any source and medium, whether you’re shopping, banking, downloading, socializing, or just surfing online. Ad-Aware Pro aims to protect your PC regardless of what you’re doing. The core antivirus and antispyware protection is a two-pronged effort. The first method of detecting malware is by using traditional file-signature matching. The second technique is through advanced heuristic detection. Heuristic technology involves behavior analysis of files to uncover new threats that either look ok at first, or simply haven’t been around long enough to make it on the known bad-file list.

The program has been awarded the VB 100% award from Virus Bulletin for catching all in-the-wild malware. The antivirus software hasn’t been tested and verified by any of the other third-party security testing organizationssuch as AV Comparatives, ICSA or West Coast Labs.

Ad-Aware Pro Security actually uses two scanning engines, their own and the Vipre antivirus scanning engine. Sunbelt’s Vipre antivirus software has proven to have a very effective antivirus scanning engine. The antivirus software can be downloaded immediately from Lavasoft (backup CD sold separately) and installs quickly. Ad-Aware Pro is easy to use and can accommodate users with different levels of experience. The simple mode is more direct, while the advanced mode opens up more settings and options. The software is flexible and the user interface is usable.

One feature of Ad-Aware Pro Security that is specifically designed for enhanced online security is the Download Guard. Download Guard runs as files are downloaded online and notifies you if the download is malicious. This proactive protection measure lets you stop threats before they actually have a chance to infiltrate your system. Unfortunately, Download Guard is only available for Internet Explorer. The antivirus software also comes equipped with a Toolbox with a handful of additional applications for PC optimization. The toolbox includes the Process Watch application for monitoring running processes, the AutoStart Manager for controlling which programs run at startup, and a Hosts File Editor for advanced web navigation controls. Another feature worth mentioning is the Do Not Disturb Mode. Also known as a gamer mode, this feature lets you temporarily suspend scans and popups from the antivirus software. The Do Not Disturb Mode is designed for an uninterrupted experience while playing a video game or watching a movie in full-screen.

Outdated antivirus software leaves your computer vulnerable to new threats. Ad-Aware Pro Security delivers pulse updates on a regular basis to keep your security software up to date. You can always perform a manual update just to be sure, but the software is configured by default to simply take care of it for you by automatically downloading the newest updates when they are available.

The in-program user manual is a great place to start looking if you have any questions, but Lavasoft also has some useful resources online. The Support Center hosts a FAQs section, downloadable product manuals, support blog, forum and video tutorials. The customer support team is available by email or online live chat for more personal assistance.

Theme-Junkie Review

Theme-junkie is a newly opened premium WordPress theme provider in 2009. The company offers user-friendly, great looking, and efficient WordPress themes. Like many other online WP theme providers in the likes of Graphpaperpress, Theme-junkie is also known to provide excellent support forums to all its […]