Dirjournal Review

Recognizing the value of local search, Directory Journal has recently launched DirJournal Local. Plus, our readers are eligible for a 20% discount on all of Directory Journal’s listing types.

Having earned a stellar reputation as a general web directory, Directory Journal has expanded on its resources to launch DirJournal Local Search, a local directory for business clients in the United States.

While both are necessary in order to maintain a presence on the Web, local directories are able to offer significant value to a company. For the most part, people don’t use telephone books anymore, let alone the Yellow Pages. Rather than digging out a printed telephone book in order to find a business or service in their local area, people are more likely to turn to Google or another online search engine.

While search engines are attempting to deliver local search options, their results can be sketchy, and are greatly aided by local search directories and, more and more, potential customers are using local business directories in the same manner that past customers used to use the Yellow Pages.

Local business directories can assist in brand recognition, and can directly generate customers for a business. Other advantages to online business directories include the ability to more easily update the details of a business or organization, as compared to print directories that are updated only periodically.

Sensing the need for an online local business directory that can promise the same quality as its general directory, Directory Journal decided to launch DirJournal Local. It is very new, and there isn’t much there yet but if its general directory can be used as an indication of what to expect, then it might be a good idea for any U.S. business or organization to claim its place.

To submit a business to Directory Journal Local, you would begin by registering for an account, if you don’t already have one. If you have one, log into it. Otherwise, enter your email address and choose a user name.

Next, select a listing category. There are several to choose from. Click “Next Step.”

After a brief delay, the next page of the submission process will appear. If you find that you have chosen the wrong category, you will have an opportunity to go back and edit it. Otherwise, add your official company name as a title; then, add a description of your company. Optionally, you may upload an image that you would like to have displayed on your listing page.

Next, select the state and city that your business is located in. This will be used to display the correct location of your business on a map. You may opt to have a road map, terrain map, satellite map, or street map displayed on your listing page.

You may then add information about any special offers, and your business hours. Your business logo can be uploaded from your computer. If desired, a video embed code may be added to include a video on your listing page.

Don’t forget to add your telephone number, email address, business website address, and links to your business’s social media pages.

Lastly, you will select a package. At this time, if you choose the yearly package, the cost will be $109.95 per year. If paying by month, the cost will be $14.95 per month. Once you have made your payment, Directory Journal’s editors will review your submission, and may make necessary corrections or add any information that may be missing.