INinbox Review

INinbox knows the real strategy behind running E-mail marketing campaigns and truly does a great job in helping newbie bloggers to email marketing campaigns easily. Its really simple, you just have to attract subscribers to your blog ( You can do that using their Widget) later, you will have a list of mails. Nest, you just have to pick a template, edit the text, add some images, send that to all your subscibers and boom! You’ve done it!  INinbox takes care that your mails land up in the inbox ( not in the spam or the junk folder!) ! And the best part- You can even send your affiliate links through it!

What Does It Offer- Features?

The best thing about it is that it has an excellent Contact Management system. You can choose , create lists and specify the mails for a group of people and you can do much more with. Not only that, Here’s a list of unique features offered by the INinbox marketing Platform-

  • Free Email Templates
  • Broadcast & Autoresponder
  • Tracking Analytics
  • Email Deliverability
  • Team Management
  • Split TestingSingle Or Double Opt-in
  • Automated Welcome Emails
  • Solid E-mail Creator
  • Leads & Sales Conversation Tracking
  • Message modifications
  • Create, Send & Track Newsletters
  • Add surveys to your emails

The amazing list of features doesn’t end! It also comes with some amazing resources to help you get started with Email Marketing.

You might have seen these featured in many other marketing platforms, but the price sounds really amazing. Nobody or no email marketing platform is so affordable ( I’m not kidding) . Yes, lets more on to the pricing.


The best part of INinbox is that its affordable. I bet, you’ll surely love it. INinbox, also offer a free trial!

By the way, you can create a list of 2,000 subscribers and send 2,000 mails for free! But i recommend you to get a Pro package like i did!

Even the PRO package seems close to the word “free” because, if you run campaigns with it, I’m sure, you’ll make your money back with Blogging and Affiliate Marketing through INinbox.


 Comparison With other Email marketing Platforms-

You all might of heard about the popular marketing platforms – Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp and man more. To be frank , I was a huge fan of MailChimp before i knew about INinbox and I’m sure that you’ll get a pro package of INinbox after seeing this comparison chart-

Number Of SubscribersAweber PriceMailChimp PriceGet Reponse PriceIninbox Price

Final Verdict –

personally, i have been using it and I’m satisfied with it. i’m able to make up ten times the money i pay every month for this marketing platform. I have been using it for Affiliate marketing and I’m able to see some money in my Flipkart Affiliate Account. I bet, if you buy it, you’ll surely comeback here after a month to thank me for suggesting such an amazing tool for you!