Gavick Pro Review

Professional Responsive Joomla TemplatesGavick Pro is one of the top and well established WordPress and Joomla providers today. Gavick create some of the best looking themes and templates available including a few free ones! I have been a member of Rockettheme for quite a few years and this is not a Gavick versus Rockettheme review as they are both exceptional in their products and support but why I became a member of Gavick!

I had used a Window’s notebook since I first started working on-line and never understood all the fuss over Apple’s Mac-books. I’ll get to the point of where this is going so please read on. A few years back when the first iPad was launched I had to have one. I then realised that the costs between Apple’s Pages, Keynote and other applications were a fraction of the price in comparison to Microsoft Office. But most of all, it was the simplicity and clean look of pages and presentations the applications created within their themes and not forgetting Apple’s official clean looking website. Perhaps you’ve realised where I’m going with this Gavick Pro review! Cost, looks and easy to use!

Gavick’s WordPress and Joomla demo themes were very up to date and stylish. Complimented with some beautiful animations, from their built in widgets (WordPress) this really caught my attention.

Gavick Pro review – competitive subscription plans!

You can start off with Gavick’s low cost Personal Plan enabling you to use any of their themes for 2 domains over 4 months. They also offer a Business Plan for 12 months (5 domain license) and a Developer Plan for 12 months with an unlimited domain license. My favourate is their Life Time plan for 5 domains! This cost is lower than many other WordPress and Joomla theme developers and best of all; you stay with them forever!

I downloaded my first quickstart WordPress theme and installed it on my local server. It took no more than a couple of minutes and everything worked perfectly. Now to install the same theme on my live website. After installation and activating the theme I went to the plugins area! I couldn’t find any! Had I forgotten to download the plugins or perhaps I had the wrong package! I soon discovered they were already built into the theme giving me less plugins to worry about!

Gavick Pro Review Quickstart

If you’re new to Joomla or WordPress you can easily launch your website with Gavick’s ‘Quickstart’ You simply download your chosen quickstart theme and upload it to your web host provider. Once you have your database set up you are just a few clicks away from having a complete Gavick Pro demo content including tabs, image shows, categories, ready to edit!

Personally, I prefer to set up a demo website on my local server and then work on my live site with a fresh WordPress or Joomla install, replicating the demo content with my own content and images.
If you already have a WordPress site installed you can use Gavick’s WXR files which are useful if you need to reproduce their demo content manually without using the Quickstart.

Beautiful themes and highly competitive membership fees but how about their support!

Most Joomla and WordPress theme developers have frameworks, templates and widgets that work differently from each other. Gavick Pro was no exception and I soon had a few problems with the set up in the admin panel. Time for my first support ticket which wasn’t related to Gavick’s coding but my inexperience of the settings in the admin area. To be honest I submitted 4! The response time was fast and 3 of the tickets were solved instantly. The last was solved by a Gavick support member who logged into my site and made the correct adjustment. Impressive!

Gavick Pro review Summary!

After tweaking around and getting familiar with Gavick Pro’s theme and widgets I can honestly say it was the easiest I have ever known since my early days of developing WordPress websites. Adding a widget for a specific post or page was a breeze and nothing compares to the simplicity of creating an image show with their GK Image Show! Did I forget to mention all their themes are fully responsive enabling you to showcase your website on mobiles, iPads or tablets!