Hostelz review

Hostelz_logoSince I last checked the ability to sort has been added, however it still does not provide an interactive map.

It had a lot less reviews than the above for BV and the majority were dated 2005 or 2006 – in my opinion out of date. Other sites appear to remove old reviews (my 2006 review no longer appears on Hostelworl or Hostelbookers – whichever I used).

Duplicates: search results for Bucharest included both “Central Hostel” and “Central Hostel Bucharest”. These were not listed next to each other, had different wording and pictures – but the same address. So you could waste time reading details and reviews for the same hostel.

Additional Features: Hostelz obtains its inventory from other booking sites, and because of this claims twice as many listings as other databases. It did list 2 more hostels than the next best (Hostelbookers); but far less than other sites when campsites and B&Bs were included (see test results above).

Price: Hostelz does not have its own inventory but compares prices from 4(?) booking sites (including the 2 above) and should be best for price. I am a fan of comparison sites and recommend them for flights and hotels; but because of the niggles I can’t do the same for hostel booking. However, has a lot of potential and earns 3rd place.

Group Booking: provide an enquiry form offering 3,300 destinations, and 7 day customer support. does not have its own inventory, and checking the description of the booking service, it looks like it may be provided by Hostelbookers. If this is the case, it shouldn’t be a problem (our site also has similar arrangements with companies that provide best value). You should get the same level of service and price whether whether you complete the enquiry form on Hostelz or Hostelbookers (see above); and I agree with Hostelz choice of partner for this service.