TweetAdder Review

Finding more followers on Twitter is not always easy.

And finding  more followers that meet your audience needs – a targeted audience, is sometimes even more difficult.
So when you are looking to increase your audience on Twitter in a fast, and targeted way – you really need a tool to help you.
Initially I used some free tools on the web, but to really get the great features, you still had to pay. So I was only growing my audience slowly.

TweetAdder used to have a bad name for it’s automated follow/unfollow, but now they have removed those features. So if you have heard bad things, don’t worry.

TweetAdder is very useful for many of the following reasons:

  • powerful searches to find targeted people
  • easy to follow (one click after another)
  • manage followers (find people not active, not following, unfollowed etc)

The following post is a detailed breakdown of what TweetAdder can do, and some tips on how I use it to find targeted followers.

TweetAdder Follower Searches

With the new TweetAdder 4.0 there are now lots of options to find more Twitter followers.

The list on the right shows the menu with the different options.

The first two are not searches, but lists:-

  • Follow back list – people you have not followed back yet
  • Follow later list – people you have added to a list for later (I will show you this in the search results page)

Different Search Options

The Profile Data Search offers quite comprehensive search options for finding twitter followers.

As you can see below there are a number of options for finding followers with very specific criteria.

Normally I would use the keyword search such as “social media”.

Then further restrict the search as follows

  • Location – have a local business, use this to find local people
  • Profiles with profile image – pick yes (empty pics are weird)
  • Language – your native language (if you are reading this: English?)
  • Range of Followers
  • Range of Following
  • Range of Updates (Tweets)

The Tweet Search is also useful for finding Twitter followers tweeting on a specific topic.

Location Search is a more simplified way to find people in your area.

These searches have a few different fields such as:

  • Result Type (recent, popular, mixed)
  • Max Results – you have to give a limit, too many results

Other TweetAdder search types can be used such as:-

Followers of a User – good for finding the people who follow a certain influencer

Followed by a User – good for finding other people considered follow-worthy by certain people

Twitter Lists – People’s Lists of other Tweeters (you need the exact list name and username)

**Note:  You can Follow all their Twitter followers by using the Follow All Later button at the bottom right

Search Results

The main benefit to TweetAdder is the ability to add new Twitter followers quickly. They used to have automation, but this is almost as good.

The picture to the right shows the buttons you see for each row in the results.

  • Follow – sends Twitter a Follow request
  • Later – adds to your Follow later list
  • Discard – deletes from the list you are seeing

The great thing with TweetAdder is the “single click” function where after you click, the next row moves up and you can easily click again. So in seconds you have many new followers (or follow later additions). Just don’t go crazy, as twitter is watching you. I recommend 20-50 if you have only hundreds and up to 100 if you have 1000’s.

You still have to do it manually but it does not take that long.

TweetAdder also gives you some useful filters to see only users currently Tweeting or when they joined.

You can also filter by many of the standard Twitter properties like name, location, tweets, friends, followers etc.

At the bottom of the results page you also have the option to export the whole list to Excel, Follow all later or to open more complex filters.

It all results in a more focused and useful way to find new followers.

TweetAdder Unfollow Options

 With every follow comes an unfollow, or so the Twitter Gurus say!!

But honestly, if you want to grow your Twitter followers, you have to manage them. That means unfollowing people who are not right for you.

TweetAdders offers many options for finding Twitter folowers you should not be following.

  •  Not Following Back – Obviously people who are not following you back
  • Unfollowed Me – People who have recently Unfollowed you
  • No Profile Image – If you forgot to filter them, these people have no profile image, a sign of a “not serious Twitterer
  • High Ratio – people who have lots of followers, but don’t tend to follow back
  • Inactive – people who haven’t used Twitter in a while (if they don’t use Twitter – why follow them?)
  • Talkative – people who Tweet a little too much (if you read your Twitter Timeline, these people can flood it)
  • Quiet – people who don’t Tweet so much (Not prone to Retweeting)

So now that we have covered the Unfollow options in TweetAdder, how would you use them?

** Keep in mind you need to keep your follow/followed ratio close to 1:1 in order to pass the2000 limit.

I typically start by seeing if anyone has unfollowed me. If I want to keep following them I move them to a list instead.

I then check I have not followed any non-serious Tweeters by checking for no profile images, inactive, quiet, foreign language people.

The later two (quiet, foreign language) are not deal breakers, but you should check if these people are useful to your following.

Then the larger amount of work is in the Not following back list. Here you will often have to remove 50-70% as many as you added that day. BUT, I give them about a week to follow back before removing them.

TweetAdder Other Tools

There are some other useful features of a complete Twitter Tool like  TweetAdder. Below is an image of the last section of things you can do with the application.

I won’t go into as many details on this as I don’t use all the features.

However for completion’s sake there is:-

  • Tweets – Single/manual tweets, Bulk Tweets via an import, Pre-scheduled every x minutes and so on
  • RSS Feed – use an RSS feed to automate some tweets
  • Retweets – Automatically retweeting someone (can be filtered by keyword)
  • Thank you message – various preset DM message for new followers
  • Other Messages – Send bulk DMs (very spammy idea)
  • Search Trends – Check out latest trends on Twitter – live updates

Although Direct messages are treated as spam by most people you can use this to thank new followers. So I find this useful.

Obviously if you have a lot of new Tweets to send out, the bulk Tweet feature is helpful. And if you want to help a fellow blogger or friend you can always retweet everything they tweet (can be filtered by keyword) or Tweet their RSS Feed.

Pros and Cons

No review is complete without a summary of pros and cons of TweetAdder.


  • Manage follows and unfollows
  • Find Targeted Users to follow with powerful searches and filters
  • Easy to add follows with “one click”
  • One time payment for the tool (cheaper than monthly in long run)


  • No good overview of your Tweets (like Tweetdeck & Hootsuite)
  • No best time scheduling for Tweets (like Buffer & Hootsuite)
  • Not web based (although this can be a Pro)
  • Automation is gone – but it means you are more careful


So based on the above detailed features and the Pros and Cons, here is what I think.

TweetAdder is for people looking to increase their Twitter Following in a fast and focused way.

It is not a tool to get an overview of your Tweets, mentions etc.

My following has accelerated since using the application and I highly recommend it for finding followers.