Udemy Review

UdemyUdemy helps students make moves. Whether you want to get promoted, break into a new industry, start a company, further a passion, or just accelerate your life, Udemy helps you learn from the amazing instructors in the world, so that you can get there and get there faster.

Office Courses – Udemy combines social media and online learning for an interactive training experience. The dashboard to each course features message boards and announcements. Like a social media site, you can chat with other students to exchange ideas and ask questions. Because instructors have full reign over their courses, the support, workload and style of the course you choose depends entirely on who teaches the tutorials. For example, not all courses offer a certificate of completion or exercise files. Instructors set the price for each course they teach, so the payment system is different from other tutorial sites. Instead of paying for a monthly subscription, you pay for classes individually.

You have options for methods to learn Microsoft Office. Most classes offer a comprehensive overview to Office training by hitting the high points and basic how-to’s. But Udemy provides shorter, less expensive courses dedicated solely to one action on programs like Excel or Microsoft Word, such as using pivot tables, recording macros or applying advanced formulas and functions to spreadsheets.

Device Compatibility – Udemy’s videos and website are compatible with Macs, PCs and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Mobile devices require a free app to access courses or watch videos. To run Udemy courses, your system needs Adobe Flash Player 10.0 22+ plug in and a current browser like Firefox 1.1 or Internet Explorer 9. Udemy suggests Google Chrome as the best browser for its site.

Help & Support – Udemy’s site layout is sleek and modern looking, but it takes a little adjustment to get used to it. They have replaced the familiar Contact Us tab with a small question mark in the corner of the page. This opens to a window that lets you search your question with keywords. If you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can email the company from this dialogue box. Help and support are available, but the site layout makes support options hard to find. Because this site is so reliant on the instructors and their preferences, it’s hard for the site staff to provide complete answers. However, instructors are available for questions, and you can ask classmates for help. There is no phone number or direct email address available for the site. There are FAQs littered around the site, but they’re course specific, so you may not find exactly the answer you’re looking for.

Udemy Summary – Udemy is a hybrid between online learning and social media. With instructor-generated courses, you’ll more personalization and interaction than with some tutorial services. The wide range of choices is great if you’re looking to learn a less common program in Microsoft Office, but you may have to dig to find a course with certificates and exercise files.