Logaster Review

Creating a perfect  logo is an important moment for your business. Also It is a difficult process – you can  create a logo using Photoshop, but it will take a lot of time and there is no guarantee that you will create something good. So, you can use logo maker software and create a logo quickly.

Today we’ll talk about logo generators –  sites which help to create logos for everyone.

Before choosing a service, we asked ourselves: “ What kind of criterias must logo services have to create logos quickly and qualitatively?” Thus, Logo makers must be able to:

  • create logos automatically – choose  and combine fonts, colours, icons.
  • Have enough editing  and customizations tools.
  • Large variety of icons, fonts etc.
  • Have a possibility to download for free.
  • Support vectors formats for logo files.

Of course, some criterias are more important and some less, such as free download (free cheese is only in a mousetrap)

After this selection,  we chose  three logo makers which, in our opinion, are the most relevant:

– LogoEase

– LogoMaker

– Logaster.

We know about the first two logo makers, but the third one is newer and unexplored by us.

Curiously enough, the Logaster  has more of the selected criteria, so we decided to focus on it.

Logaster is an online logo generator, not logo designer, not online editor,  only generator. Now we`ll estimate this site according to our criteria:

“Create logos automatically”

The site will generate a few  logos ready for usage after you choose type of business  and enter a company name. If you enter the company name, for example, “Sweet bear”, the site offers bears icons for you and it`s very convenient.

In addition,  the site  generates logos  where icons correspond to the  type of business.

Also, site combines types of fonts with colors and icons.

“Large variety of icons, fonts etc”

There are many relevant icons on logaster.com.  For example, we found   762  icons for bear. You can change icons  after choosing the logo and editing it.

However, we found  less types of fonts than icons.

“Have enough editing  and customization tools”

The top features of the site are:

  • possibility to edit the logo – change type of font, colours, placement of elements – icon and text.
  • download logos for social networks.
  • download custom-sized logo –  very useful function for many users.

  • possibility to create business cards and envelopes after creating a logo.

Basically, everything that other generators do, but with a few pleasing little  features (logo for social networks).

“Have a possibility to download for free”

In Logaster only logo in small size can be downloaded for free.


To download a complete logo you must pay $9.99

“Support vectors formats for logo files”

This feature is also present on the site.

You can download logo`s files in SVG, PDF (vector format)  and  PNG, JPEG (raster format).


In addition,  you can choose logo in 1024px і 5000px  extensions.

In general, we are surprised by Logaster`s possibilities. Of course, the site can’t compete with professional designers,  but it can create a good logo in a few minutes .