Genealogytoday Review

Genealogy Today

Genealogy Today is an interesting blend of message board, blog and genealogy search site that many researchers will find valuable. It is a place on the web where people work together to find their ancestors and help other people find their ancestors too. You can contribute to the site as a volunteer. You also can write articles or post events on the genealogical calendar.

The records collection on Genealogy Today is small but quite mighty for certain specific purposes. They do not have every type of document but they do keep track of some types that you will not see on every site, including a collection of criminal records, ration books and railroad employee documents. If you know these documents can help you it is worth a try.

Much of the site is free to use and the rest is reasonably priced. This is a site that lets you get a good preview before you pay too. You can find out a lot about what each document contains before you decide whether it is worth it to subscribe and pay to see the document.

The largest and most popular database is called the Family Tree Connection. It contains all of the Masonic rosters, railroad employee data, church records, rural school souvenirs, and much more.

When you search a name, the information found will be displayed by the specific database. The display will also include the collection in which the information was found, and also the number of records the database found for that name. The display will automatically separate free information from the fee-based information.

The surname search results were very obscure even for common names. Most of the information of interest is only available on the paid subscription sites, linked into the databases. You can access these sites by clicking on the links in the search display. You are then taken to a different site and most likely will have to pay for access.

This site offers more for the international researcher than other sites of the same caliber. Genealogy Today developed the International Registry of Genealogical Databases. This database provides a single unified catalog for users worldwide.

One of the best elements of this site is the getting started tab. This section provides links and articles that guide your genealogy search. It gives recommendations and links for electronic resources, books, and newsletters. This section also gives mention to other leading genealogy search sites like

Genealogy Today uses a relatively simple design. Navigation is self explanatory with straight-forward tab headings. Each section contains article -like text with links to helpful resources.

We found it difficult to locate anything on international searching, so we feel it would be beneficial to add more FAQs or a help page that allows a search by keyword or topic.

The customer support for Genealogy Today is very limited. It does have phone support, but the phone number is not toll free. When we called we received a recorded message asking we leave a message for customer service to call us back. We left a message and did not receive a return call. There is also an email option for contact. This is the best option to get a timely response. We received a reply to our email within a two-hour period.

Genealogy Today Summary:

Genealogy Today is a free site that contains links to other sites and products to help genealogists with their research. Many of these products will cost money and some of the sites that you will link to will charge you a fee for their services or information. However, as a resource to enhance your research, Genealogy Today may be worth visiting.