JeNu Review

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infusion System is at-home device used to increase the absorption and effectiveness of skincare products such as wrinkle cream and lip serum. Previously, the system could only be used with JeNu brand products, but you can now use the handheld wand with any of your favorite brands to make them work overtime.


The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser harnesses the power of ultrasound technology and a proprietary MicroSphere Conducting Gel (sold separately) to increase the absorption of any skincare products by 3X.


JeNu gives your products a “push” to help your skin absorb the active ingredients in your skincare

Suggested Use

The JeNu Infuser must be used in conjunction with the JeNu MicroSphere Conducting Gel which is sold separately. Normal ultrasound conducting gel transfers the ultrasonic energy through the gel and into the tissue. JeNu’s gel uses proprietary microspheres to focus the energy into the skin care formula to push the skin care product into skin.