Benchmark Email Review

Benchmark Email is a fitting name for this email marketing service because it sets a benchmark for the type of performance you’d expect to help you improve your email marketing campaigns. With Benchmark Email, you can create newsletters, surveys, event information and coupons quickly. Your marketing pieces can include your logo and color scheme, as well as images and video. Whether you’re skilled at web design or have talents in other fields, you can create documents, send them when you want to and see how your customers respond to them. For these reasons and more, Benchmark Email is our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner for bulk email marketing services.

Adding contacts to the Benchmark Email database is as easy as downloading a file, importing an address book from your email account, copying and pasting email addresses from a document, or adding them into the system one at a time. To download a file, you need to have a document with a file extension for Microsoft Excel, CSV or text format. To import an email address book into Benchmark Email’s database, the contacts need to be from the major email inbox providers, such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

Another convenience that this email marketing service includes is the ability to segment contact lists. This is helpful if you want to send out an email campaign according to demographics such as the subscriber’s age or location.

This email marketing service also helps you keep track of bounced messages, contacts who have unsubscribed from your mailing lists and more. You can also create and send surveys or emails with videos in them to your subscribers.

Email Creation

The service includes advanced options to help you customize, organize and optimize your email marketing campaigns. Creating an email advertising campaign in Benchmark Email is relatively quick and easy. Each part of the creation process, from inputting your mailing list to composing the email, is organized efficiently in sequential tabs.

Once you’ve organized your list, the wizard guides you through the necessary steps to complete your email. If you wish to edit a particular step, you can easily navigate to a specific part of the email. You have the option to create a message with a customizable template, and you can make use of the HTML editor if you want to do the coding yourself.

Benchmark’s templates are adequate and provide a solid selection in various themes, including cards, newsletters, promotions and event invitations. You can add pictures or logos via a simple drag-and-drop function, and performing edits such as resizing is straightforward.

Sending & Reporting Features

In Benchmark Email’s reporting tab, you’ll find all of the reports that are available, including an active campaign summary and reports on click-throughs, contact statistics, email forwarding, survey results and email abuse. On the downside, Benchmark does not offer conversion tracking within the software itself. However, it has not neglected to address this need in email marketing campaigns; instead, the company offers integration with Google Analytics to track conversions through purchases or paid accounts.

The important stats and records in the tracking and reporting section help you evaluate your email marketing campaigns. Graphs and summaries help you to determine the success of the campaign and identify where there is room for improvement. You can see reports for both emailed messages and surveys.

From the dashboard, you can compare multiple reports that update in real time. The reach of your tracking doesn’t stop there, however. Your dashboard also keeps track of your social media campaigns and displays likes and wall posts on Facebook as well as tweets on Twitter. Your marketing campaigns can expand their level of reach with integration options for Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and YouTube, among several others.

Help & Support

This email marketing service provides a comprehensive support portal for customers. Some of the features include tutorials that walk you through the setup process, a FAQs database, a searchable knowledgebase and a glossary of terms. This email marketing service also adds more than 20 user manuals on a monthly basis. Its content library includes a company blog in addition to monthly corporate and partner newsletters. You’ll also find well-researched articles that include best practices and how-tos, as well as information on building an email contact list, spamming, and current marketing news and trends.

If you need further help or tech support, you can contact the company directly via email or phone, or you can chat live with a representative. Support is available on a nearly 24-hour basis and is free. We are impressed with the extent of the company’s efforts to inform and educate its customers.

Benchmark Email Summary:

Benchmark Email provides everything that you need to target your audience with a professional email campaign. Through its comprehensive service offering, you can monitor the results of your emails with excellent reporting capabilities. We are impressed with the feature list, easy-to-use interface, and excellent help and support. This is one of the top email marketing services available, and it provides an excellent software product that adds power and greater reach to your marketing efforts.