Eventbrite Review

eventbrite_logo2Eventbrite consider themselves an “online event management ticketing services” and specialize in giving you everything you need to create your event’s webpage, promote your event and publish your own tickets. While this product gives the online party planning services category a more unique slant, we’re happy to include Eventbrite among our top rated products.

Standout Features

  • Customizable event page available with ticket creation
  • Specializes in event promotion and ticket sales collection

Eventbrite is a different type of party planning site included in our matrix, but is a party planning site nonetheless. Any event that requires a ticket, such as concerts, art sales and theater productions can use Eventbrite’s services. Your first step is to create your event’s webpage. Change the color and feel of the page however you want. You can also send email invitations for your event, although the email invites are different from the event webpage design.

After creating the event page, Eventbrite will promote your event on search engines and help you collect ticket sales from attendees. Their services are free if your event is free. And if your event is not free, Eventbrite will take a portion of your ticket sales. They also provide “day of event” services like printable badges and scannable tickets.

As stated above, if your event requires tickets this site is for you. The event webpage is very customizable. Change the font, upload a logo, embed images or video into the body of the event and customize the event page’s URL. There are dozens of options on the edit page. Since your event requires tickets, a registration page is also included with the event webpage, enabling attendees to register.

After you’ve created your event page and are moving onto sending email invitations to help advertise your event, Eventbrite lets you create an address book – as well as import contacts – to make sending out your invitation in mass quantities an easy process.

And if you need help planning and promoting your event, Eventbrite’s blog is a great place to look. From an entry titled “Publishing Eventbrite events to your Facebook Fan Page” to “Adding flair to your event pages using custom buttons and links” their blog is definitely worth a look. They also have a Forums area where you can find event advice (located at the bottom of the main page).


Eventbrite offers both a Facebook page and a Twitter account for fans of their services. Catch the buzz Eventbrite is making in the music scene by visiting their Facebook and checking out their stream posts about anything from a mention in Wired magazine to profiles of events that have successfully used Eventbrite’s services. One look at their Twitter feeds reveals the company is witty as well as tech-savvy.
Eventbrite Summary:
There will always be events that require tickets, whether they’re free or paid. Eventbrite is certainly a leader in the ticketing department of online party planning services. From highly customizable event pages to promoting your event online, Eventbrite is a top rated product with a specialized, ticket-oriented niche.