Webinarjam Review

Webinar-Jam-BannerA Word on Expectations: Google Hangouts Add On

It wasn’t immediately obvious to me when I was purchasing but what you get is essentially a Google Hangouts add on with some front end marketing features. I was incorrectly expecting something more like GoToWebinar with unlimited attendees. Honestly, I did think about cancelling my purchase a few times since this wasn’t going to replace GoToWebinar for me.

But the more I played around with it, the more I realized how powerful it is. So if you’re thinking about purchasing WebinarJam, then you need to think about it as a platform to better utilize Google Hangouts. Otherwise, you might find yourself disappointed afterwards. If you’re already thinking about it this way, then let’s move on!

Is WebinarJam For You?

Just to re-iterate my previous point, WebinarJam can be worthwhile if you want more out of Google’s very powerful Hangout app, or you want to at least try it out for your business.

WebinarJam Review

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how WebinarJam can help you.


  • Take advantage of Google Hangout’s powerful technology
  • You get some nice analytics including sales conversion, earnings per click and earning per attendee — all very useful statistics to know if you’re selling on the live webinar/hangout

WebinarJam Analytics

  • It’s quite easy to use — there are only three menu options:
    • My Webinars
    • New Webinar
    • Analytics
  • It’s quick to set up a new webinar — once you know what needs to be done, you can set up the entire thing in about 5 minutes and you can set it up so that the webinar is recurring, or you can clone and modify the details
  • Your videos get automatically recorded and uploaded to Youtube
  • You can have the replay easily on your own website
  • You can present your offer during the presentation with just a click (you create the offer before hand when you set up the webinar)
    WebinarJam Offers

    • You can add tracking code to your receipt/thank you page so that you get some very useful analytics
  • You can charge people to attend the presentation.
  • You get to use some easy to use and fairly nice looking templates.
  • Real time polls, surveys and public/private chat rooms.

If you’re using Infusionsoft, you can easily register people using an HTTP post.

In WebinarJam, you go to My Webinars –> Advanced Custom Registration Hotlink

You’ll get a link that looks something like this:

 http://webinarjam.net/webinar/webinar-register-auto.php?webicode=abcd&memberid=1234&firstname=yourname&email=your@email.com&countrycode=XXX &phonenumber=XXXXXXXXX&schedule=1

All you’ll need to do is update the “yourname” so that it’s ~Contact.FirstName~ and “you@email.com” so that it’s ~Contact.Email~ and usually schedule will be “1” but you can leave that to whatever number it was originally and you can delete the countrycode and phonenumber parameters.

Now the reason why this is useful to have is because if you’re driving registrations through OptimizePress or through Leadpages, you can’t register them directly with WebinarJam because none have native integrations with WebinarJam.

Instead, what you can do is set up your registration so that it’s a regular opt in but add the HTTP post in Infusionsoft after the opt in so that they’re registered also for the webinar:
WebinarJam with OptimizePress and Leadpages


  • There are no warning signs that any field has been left out. You have to go through all of them one at a time to see where you went wrong
  • Webinar itself must be hosted on their website
  • Emails sent out from WebinarJam (e.g. for registration confirmation) seems to have lower deliverability rates compared to GoToWebinar which has very high delivery rates


So is WebinarJam for you?

In many situations, I think that Google Hangouts will be enough or even Leadpages (in case you’re already using them) can do Google Hangouts hosting together with live chatting and product link. I know that some internet marketers including John Lee Dumas (of Entrepreneur on Fire) uses Leadpages to host Google Hangouts and then sells a $2,000 podcasting product.

If you’re looking for more overall control of the webinar experience, more detailed analytics, and better conversions, then WebinarJam is seriously worth considering.