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FilmOn Review

FilmOn is a free Internet-based television service allowing remote computer viewing of local TV worldwide. It licenses more than 600 additional channels plus 90,000 video-on-demand titles. Its library includes the Cinebx and Allied film libraries. It also allows users to create their own live and […]

JeNu Review

The JeNu Ultrasonic Infusion System is at-home device used to increase the absorption and effectiveness of skincare products such as wrinkle cream and lip serum. Previously, the system could only be used with JeNu brand products, but you can now use the handheld wand with […]

Revant Optics Review

Revant Optics produces high quality replacement lenses for many big name sunglass makers.  A great way to show your style or breath new life into some old frames.


From custom-colored drivers to putting your name on your golf balls, golf companies are offering an ever-increasing number of ways to show your own personal style.  Customization isn’t just about style, either, it’s often a way to improve performance.  At the intersection of style and performance is Revant Optics.  Revant makes replacement lenses for high-end sunglasses so you can get exactly the look and performance that you want.


Having great frames is good, but without the right lenses, they’re like an untailored suit.  With Revant Optics and their rainbow of color options, you can have the right look for every occasion and outfit.  From bold, fiery reds to muted grays and browns, there is a lens here for every style.


I’ve been fortunate enough to wear and test sunglasses from numerous high-end manufacturers, and that’s made me fairly picky.  I feel like I can distinguish bad lenses from good and good from great.  All that said, I can tell you that I have no reservations about wearing Revant Optics lenses on the course.  In a direct apples to apples comparison between the black Revant lenses and the stock Oakley lenses, I couldn’t tell the difference in terms of clarity or glare reduction.

While having an array of lenses may seem extravagant, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a performance benefit to it.  Virtually every sunglass manufacturer talks about matching your lenses to the conditions, and you can see PGA Tour players doing this every week.  Though that may not be affordable through the OEMs, at Revant’s prices, it absolutely is.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that these lenses snapped into and out of my Oakley Radarlock frames as easily as the stock lenses and stayed in place perfectly.


Revant makes lenses for Oakley, Ray Ban, Costa, Spy Optic, and Rudy Project sunglasses.  There are 106 different lens models available, the vast majority of them – 95 – being Oakley.  With three exceptions, every lens has at least 3 color options and some have as many as 31.  The bottom line: there are a lot of different options here.


Here’s the real kicker: most of these lens cost between $32 and $36.  Some are as low as $24, and a few of the polarized Oakley lenses run as high as $52.  When you consider that replacement lenses from the original makers can easily exceed $100 – if they’re even available – Revant replacement lenses are a great value.


Whether you need new lenses or just want to shake up the look of some old frames, I’d strongly suggest giving Revant Optics a try.  Their lenses perform well, and, given their modest price, you can have a different color for every mood.

Astro Gaming Review

ASTRO GAMING CREATES PREMIUM VIDEO GAMING EQUIPMENT FOR PRO GAMERS, CORE ENTHUSIASTS AND THEIR LIFESTYLES. Spun-off from design powerhouse ASTRO Studios, who felt it was the perfect time to expand their design brand into a line of gamer centric “tech-life” products, supporting this rapidly growing […]

LifeProof Review

LifeProof has become a household name in the iPhone accessory world since debuting its first ultra-protective case in 2011. The company has continued improving its waterproof cases with each new version of the iPhone. With the iPhone 5, LifeProof introduced its Nüüd series, which offers protection from water, snow, […]

Scrubs And Beyond Review

Scrubs & Beyond is known for their fashion forward scrubs, outstanding customer service and stores with flair & whimsy.

Whether you shop with them in store, through their catalog, or online, they offer merchandise from top industry labels like Landau, Urbane, Cherokee, Koi, Barco, Peaches, Dickies, Dansko, Littmann and more as well as fashion forward private label collections only found at Scrubs & Beyond.

Be sure to get extra savings on all your purchases by taking advantage of Scrubs & Beyond coupon codes, free shipping offers, special promotions and product updates.

J&p Cycles Review

J & P Cycles  gives shoppers a huge selection to choose from, including both OEM and aftermarket parts. Further making the site so great is its easy to use interface, great customer service and fantastic features and accessories. If you’re looking for anything motorcycle, J&P […]

Sole Fitness Review

Sole Fitness began manufacturing treadmills to be used for in-room fitness at Hilton Hotels, Omni Hotels, and Hotel Monaco. Customers complimented these hotel treadmills so much that the company decided to begin manufacturing treadmills for users to buy for their homes. The company has continued […]

Ript Apparel Review

Ript Apparel established in 2009, is one of the first Limited Edition Tshirt sites and one of the most popular. Tees that I have ordered and worn regularly over the past 3 years have normal fading and cracking, having been machine washed and dried inside out. Currently, they sell 3 pop culture themed designs at a time starting at $11 a piece for 24 hours only.

This is a pre-order type of business so the wait time for an order to ship is within 2 business days after the sale, perhaps up to a week if higher than expected sales or holidays cause delays. They use UPS Mail for domestic orders. International orders may take 1 to 2 Months to arrive after leaving their warehouse.

People can even submit their own artwork to be considered for print and profit.

Leesa Review

The Leesa company sells directly to consumer (online only), cutting out a lot of costs found with a typical mattress sale – thus I think the Leesa compares to mattresses 2-3 times its price. Overall I really liked the mattress, with only a few cons that […]